cheap septic 3-ply Chinese face masks

Unsanitary masks do more harm than good

Unsanitary masks are floating around created by non-sterile sweatshops that could inadvertently help spread disease so why take the risk and purchase unsanitary masks from questionable sources that may not be individually wrapped nor sterilized. Hundreds of thousands of unsanitary masks are now flooding the markets. These unsanitary masks are often made in non-sterile sweatshops previously used to make phony handbags or designer jeans. According to the Independent and other news sources, the extent of rogue production is unknown, but industry experts say it encompasses factories in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey.

Our Israel manufactured, FDA registered, 4-layer premium surgical masks arrive to you individually wrapped and are UV treated in secure laboratories to keep them sterile and clean for safe usage. You can never be too careful when it comes to your family’s health and safety and with the uncertainty of the coronavirus, it’s always good to have an additional layer of protection on your side. Your family deserves the best and these surgical masks which are manufactured in Israel, are the best.

Why Our Masks?

Our masks meet EN/ER14683 and ASTM F2100* technical performance. Made from the highest quality materials, these masks provide excellent protection, breathability, and comfort. The masks provide clinicians comfort and protection against splashes and potential pathogens at three levels of fluid resistance.

  • Manufactured in Israel and are of the highest quality, used by hospitals and doctors around the world
  • Meets very strict requirements
  • Designed with four layers of filters that help reduce the risk of contact with droplets, through which a virus is transmitted.
  • Meets EN14683 standards; the rating relates to the percentage of particles of at least 0.3 microns in diameter that the mask is designed to block.