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Why Wearing a Mask Helps to Protect Others First

When it comes to wearing face masks, it’s obvious who we’re most concerned with protecting: ourselves. It may be difficult to comprehend given all the conflicting information we’ve been given ever since the coronavirus pandemic started in early 2020, but you should be wearing your mask both for yourself and those around you. Period. This is a non-negotiable fact.

Masks can indeed be worn to protect you from being infected. That’s certainly not being called into question. However, they are mainly meant to keep those who may potentially be infected, asymptomatic carriers from releasing droplets into the air when they speak, cough, or sneeze. Wearing a mask means they are better containing the droplets that fly out of their mouths and circulate in the air – a key transmission route for COVID-19.

That’s why a mask is such a crucial part of your protection against the coronavirus. It’s all about blocking the transmission and further spread of coronavirus – not solely protecting yourself and believing yourself invulnerable because you’re wearing one. The hard truth is that you can still very much contract coronavirus even if you wear a mask. With that in mind, you have to wear your own protection with the mindset that you’re trying to protect those around you.

This system will only work, however, if everyone wears a mask. That’s the basic principle on which this solution was built. Preventing transmission from person to person is essentially a very simple process in theory. Wearing a mask like our Beez-Safe Surgical Mask can help dramatically reduce the amount of virus particles emitted from our mouths by as much as 99 percent. But this counts on people actually wearing their masks and not pulling them down around their chins or up to their noses when speaking.

If you know that you should be wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, or you’re under orders in your location to wear one when you leave your home (many areas have smartly made this mandatory), understand why it is you’re donning one in the first place. When you think of it like this, you should also question why others are not wearing masks – get angry, even – that others don’t take your health or protection seriously.

However, if you are serious about protecting your health, and you understand that not just any